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In the big sea of sadness and darkness, I tried to gather the top sad quotes I could ever find. Most of them have a deep meaningful insight. So take the time to read them very carefully until you can capture the essence of the sad atmosphere within these short quotes. And if you feel touched or moved by them, than you have discovered the power of words than can be a good start to change your world.

Few words can change your whole world.

When we stop dreaming we stop living.

Be careful on what you are doing, because for every action in there is the sad counter action.

Sadness and happiness entwined together in the path of life.

Tears are running out from our eyes when the heart is surrounded by gloomy clouds.

A little candle light can diminish the darkness away, but the warmness will not last for long as the coldness is waiting for you around the corner.

Top sad quotes: "If you spend all your time by frightening of the dark side of life you will never know how empowering the light is.

Don't expect miracles to save you from trouble, you can only trust yourself.

Top sad quotes: Pure evil is the beast within the human kind

You can try to believe in a good beautiful world that is happy, safe and full of utopia, but sooner or later you will wake up from this nice though and face the sad reality.

Cats are lovely animals and they have the amazing ability to see in the dark. If you could have this ability would you be able to face the horror that habituate in these dark places?

The moon is the only guidance for the lost souls that are wondering lonely at night.

Top sad quotes: We all know what is waiting for us in the grave, so let try to make the best of your time joyful and meaningful.

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