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Everyone is talking about love and how much it is important for us. But when the party is over we left alone with a broken heart and sad love quotes to read. Most of the sad love quotes are dealing with the differences between being together and being along. Dichotomy of good old past and known future. And last but not the least away to collect all the pieces of our broken life and moving on to better position.

Sad love quotes: Only when you lost everything you can really understand the true value of what you had in the past.

A bleeding heart can still love, a broken heart can continue to miss you and a dying heart will remember you forever.

You will always be a part of me.

A billion sad love quotes will not heal my bad feelings and trillion tears won't make me forget about you.

You make me love, you make me broke and you make me alone.

Love is the meaning of life but when it's over it's like the end of life as we know it.

She doesn't worth your tears.

If you love me - I will be yours till the end of times but if doesn't please let me go because every minutes we are together is tearing a part from me.

The heart can not lie the sadness can not tell what is true.

Sad love quotes: lost love is the hardest feeling to handle.

Just one simple question I have left with: How could you do this to me?

When you left speechless it's the tears that talks your sadness away.

Love is a short phase between to sad hearts.

When everything is over ask yourself this question: Does this worth the pain you feel right now?

I will always be alone even if we are together or not.

Being in love is like living in paradise but when it ends, the pain is taking you to the dept of hell.

Sad love quotes: After so make broken relationships I don't have a heart anymore, instead I have a cold stone.

True love is not for sale. Fake love has a cheap price.

You smile and I cry. It is like we are still stranger and you never understood me at all.

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