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Sad death quotes: In the end of our life we will face death. Everyone will come to his or her end, some will be very sad to leave this world and finally rest in peace. Some of us are looking for it because we think we will not feel the pain anymore. They say that when you reach to your final moment you see images of your memories. These memories are your life story whether they are good or bad, so only then you will really know what kind of life you had.

I lived my life in complete darkness, the precious moments have gone but the fear of the becoming end is still with me.

All the pain in the world won't make you ready to your final moment.

If you spend you time on earth by fear of everything than it's like dying a day after day. People who have courage feel that they live each day to it's fullest and die only once - when their time has come.

There are many forms of death - you can die physically, you can die mentally and you can sadly die from loneliness.

Death could mean happiness in some case. But this remains secret because if it will be a common knowledge we will give up on life too easy. The meaning of life is to fight, survive and achieve our goals. So don't ever let go and don't lose your hope. Good days will come.

Fear from death is a natural part of life but fear from life is definitely death.

Running away is a great instinct to stay alive.

Death with a smile occur when you lived completely and full, when you reach to the point you can say that you had everything and you respect the fact that it is the time to leave now.

Sad death quotes: at the moments of danger we see a small preview of death.

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