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Sad broken heart quotes: leaving with a broken heart can be very frustrating. It is like a part of you is dead and you miss it very much but you just cant find the way to heal your wounded heart. Sometimes the pain is so hard and people can really die from heartbreak. It is not a secret that a broken relationship often breaks our heart to little pieces. The only thing that might ease your suffering is to hold on, take a little time off to remember the good days you had because this will charge you with new energies you need to get over it.

The pain is my best friend it make me feel things so strong and so alive. Only when I'm sad I can feel myself.

A heart is like every other part of our body it takes lots of time to cure sadness but even if we managed to do it there are still remarks to remind us the bad days.

You took my heart, step on it and though it to the garbage like it is a trash. Now I have to walk in the street and try to find out how to assemble all the little parts together. And the worse is that I find other parts that don't belong to me but still I take them to fill the empty spaces of my sad soul.

I can't go to sleep anymore because all I can see when I close my eyes is you and this is my biggest nightmare.

Sad broken heart quotes: I gave up on you and found a new lover but my heart is still missing you and I can not burry this sadness away the past is coming back to life.

You are a half of my heart and half of me. Please don't make me lose what I'm when I'm with you.

Sad quotes: I'm disappointed that it is over but happy that I had the chance to be with you and for these good times I will over remember you. Thank you for being with me.

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