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Thank you very much for visiting the sad quotes website, where you can find all kind of words describing sad feelings and sorrow. These quotes have been written with tears at the late hours of the nights, in times when I lost all hope in life and just waited for a change which never came. Being sad all the time is not easy; there was a time that I though I can just change few things in my life and all the trouble will magically disappear. But I found out that the sad feelings are stronger and stay longer.

If you have no one else to talk to, feel free to contact me and tell me about your sad story. I will add it to this sad quotes site and maybe it will help you a bit to cope with your sadness.

"The moments of joy are so short and the sadness is forever".

"Opportunity doesn't knock on the door very often but the sadness is here to stay."

I really hope that you will feel better after reading the sad quotes, but still I can not guarantee a success, maybe a momentary peace of mind or a little hope. From my dark experience I can tell you for sure that the cure is within yourself, only a self discovery and digging to the dept of your soul could give you a slight idea, from where to start and to where you should go from here.

"A start is very freighting, the end is full of sad feelings, but the most important is what happen in the middle".

"The burden of sadness is much heavier when you are alone".

"Sad feeling is a mute reminder of what is really important in our life".

"Everyone cries from time to time like a new baby born to this cruel world".

"There is no love without sadness".

"The only thing that I ever wanted - I will never have".

"Regret is our punishment for taking the wrong decision".

"A sad person is a hollow soul".

"At night everything seems to be possible but the morning sun light destroys the fragile hope".

Someday we all discover that we are mortal, and because of that some lose the reason to live since it will end meaningless - Sinja

It feels so wrong, it feels so right, because of you I`m out for blood tonight. -Bec

tonight I shall sink my fangs into someones neck....and wach theme turn pail and I just wach them suffering......

The closer you get to someone you love, the harder it is to let them go.

Love doesnt force to make you cry... It is you who likes to cry in love... -asif

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